Chiropractic Healing for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic Healing for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common among people who work in offices, construction sites, manufacturing units, and other sites, where the stress on the thoracic spine and the lumbar-vertebrae columns. The stress can be very light in the beginning stages. Accumulation of stress with time can lead to sharp spikes in the lower back pain.

You may feel the pain to be a constant irritating feeling which often doesn’t go away. You might have tried several medicines and treatments to get rid of it. The treatments may provide only temporary relief for a few weeks. Eventually, the pain relapses. What is the way out?

Probable Causes

Tissue Inflammation

Soft tissues within the lumbar vertebrate columns can have inflammation problems due to constant stress and strain. It can be moderate, severe, or critical depending on the working conditions. Stretching beyond the tolerance limits can also result in muscle fiber ripping. It can cause constant lower back pain.

Slip Disk

The spine consists of several discs for supporting the smooth movement of the Para-spinal muscles. They can slip out of their original positions due to stress, external impact, and other reasons. Then the lower back pain starts and becomes intense with time.

Spinal Column Compression

Compression of the spinal column can happen due to external impact or spinal cord disorders. It puts a lot of stress on the lower back muscles, leading to extreme pain. There could be many other causes which can result in lower back pain.

Effective Healing

You can think of various healing methods which include physiotherapy, massaging, surgery, medication, etc. However, the scope of these methods seems to be limited to short term healing. The pain can become more intense after the effects of treatments go away.


Spa and massage can provide healing for a specific period of time. Your lower back pain seems to have disappeared after a few days of consistent treatment. You can experience the benefits as long as you continue with the massage treatments. 3


Medication can temporarily suppress the pain and allow you to perform your regular activities with ease. However, you have to continue with the consumption for a long time. Even your doctors may not be able to determine, how long you should continue with the medication.


I have found chiropractic to be one of the best methods for healing lower back pain permanently or over a long period compared to the other methods. It is because the method involves corrections and adjustments of the spinal cord.

Chiropractic Healing for Lower Back Pain

The adjustments restore the original condition of the spinal cord before the misalignment started. The chiropractor uses tools like the adjustment table, cold LASER, activator adjusting tool, cryo-chamber, etc. these tools use natural procedures for setting right the muscles, tissues, and other connecting parts of the spine and the lower back sections. Healing starts gradually in the initial stages. It can progress faster, once the treatments reach the threshold stages.


Chiropractic treatments can heal lower back pain without any major side effects. You can consult your orthopedic specialist before starting with the treatments.

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