Alternative Streams of Medicine

Alternative Streams of Medicine

When people are first introduced to the idea of alternative medicine, they tend to be influenced by treatment forms which are offbeat so to speak.  But there are other streams of medical treatment which are not so exotic but are accepted as major treatment forms to be had in case of major ailments.

A notable feature with alternative streams of medicine is that rather than subscribe to a one size fits all theory, it is better to be focused on the kind of approach to be taken at all times. Listed out below are the mainstream alternative medical treatment forms which do act as substitutes to main forms of healing.


This is primarily a Chinese treatment form that treats ailments by inserting thin needles to the parts of the body.  The points are usually those having concentrations of energy and hence tends to relieve the mal-effects of negative energy stored in the body.

There really is no age group as such that do not respond to acupuncture treatment types and are to be noted for the rather non-invasive nature of the treatment.  It must be noted too that some ailments are quickly set right by acupuncture for the right approach to the healing system. The body is being stimulated to heal itself most of the time.


Ayurveda has its origins in the Vedic culture of India and is more or less a very non-invasive treatment form for most parts. Traditionally the doctors use Ayurveda to balance out the energy of the body and to achieve a balance between the various energy types. It must be said that over the past two hundred years or so the treatment form has been under great suppression by the powers that be and a resurgence is being made to bring it back to its former glory.

There are a lot of treatment forms that have their basis in Ayurveda and as the resurgence in Ayurveda abounds, it brings with it a resurgence in the more traditional methods as well.


Of all the traditional alternative treatment forms homeopathy remains the most enigmatic one of them all.  Somehow people simply cannot grasp how elements that make up the sickness can be used to cure the sickness most of the time. One of the most telling aspects of homeopathic treatment is the rather pleasant means of delivery of medicine.

The most essential ingredients of homeopathic medicines are the extracts of nano-particles extracted from plant and animal sources. These are then diluted to form the administrative part of the medicine.

Oriental medicine

These are but Chinese treatment forms and can be counted on to heal and correct any deficiencies in the body.  One of the most notable aspects of Chinese healing techniques is that it is not dependant on any strict treatment regimen as such.  It is best to be regarded as a mixture of some of the more popular treatment forms prevalent in the region and subcontinent as well.

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