About Thunder Healing

About Thunder Healing

What is Thunder healing? It is my blog about the alternative methods of healing from diseases and disorders using natural treatments and medicines. Here, I shall introduce you to the various commonly occurring physiological disorders.  They may be related to muscles, joints, nervous system, spinal cord, neuromuscular, and connecting internal organs.

Diagnosis Methods

You may get the diagnosis done through blood tests, scanning, X-rays, or any other method. It is important to know about the type of disorder, its intensity and stage, probability of risks in the future, and other physiological factors. In my blog, you will find articles about the various diagnosis methods, their applications, benefits, limitations, and probable side effects.

You can limit the side effects of diagnosis like X-rays which may harm the blood palettes in your body, apart from causing radiation issues. You may have to opt for blood tests and other non-radiation based options. But they may not be able to show you the fracture or a dislocated connecting tissue on your leg and feet. In my blogs, I will be discussing many types of alternative methods in detail.

Treatment Methods

What would you do when you get affected by stress? Would you a pill, have a drink, or simply eat and sleep?  None of them can give you the long lasting relief. You can try Ayurvedic massage of your forehead with the herbal oil. You can perform the same treatment on your lower back, spine or any other part of your body. You may get relief as long as you are not allergic to any of the herbal ingredients and oils used in the treatment. What would happen if you are allergic?

There is a simple and effective alternative method called Chiropractic treatment. The program is mainly about adjusting the spine to relieve stress and fatigue. It can also remove the stress elements from the central nervous system. You can feel the immediate healing effects within a short span of time.

Chiropractic Treatment Levels

Chiropractic treatments can heal moderate, severe, critical, and chronic stages of pain and disorder. In my blogs, I will introduce you to the complex connections between the spinal cord and the entire body. It is mainly due to the central nervous system, which passes through the spinal cord and connects to the internal and external in your body.

Chiropractic Treatment Methods

An expert chiropractor will be familiar with the various types of treatments like manual therapy, orthogonal technique, activator methods, COX flexion, and distraction methods, etc. Every method has its unique applications and benefits. In my blog, I will introduce you to the various equipment, tools, and accessories used for the treatment.

Chiropractic essential oils play an important role in speeding up the healing and recovery process in your body and brain. You will be able to experience relaxation, stress removal, and other benefits from the procedures. My blog will also take you through a virtual journey in which you can read about the various stages of healing. Keep reading my blog to learn about the most economical and efficient alternative treatment for healing.