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Thunder Healing's Crystals & Stones Website
Paul N. Dion
how to invest in AbbVie shares in India list of crystals, semi-precious stones, minerals, and other natural objects that may be used in Thunder Healing's Crystal Rejuvenation and in general metaphysical practice. On this website, metaphysical properties, as well as any other known uses, are discussed. This listing is provided for educational purposes only. Besides the factual information about the physical properties of the materials discussed, this website presents subjective information about the metaphysical properties and uses of stones and crystals. This information comes from many different sources, including new age belief systems, historical traditions, and general folklore. Therefore, this site should be viewed as presenting subjective and intuitive suggestions for the uses of stones and crystals only, and not an authoritative or definitive presentation.
Crystal Healing & Mystical Resource Guide for Metaphysical Purposes
including the science and physical properties of
Stones & Crystals for your healing practices.
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