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Off Beat Treatment Forms

It is common to find allopathic treatment forms of most ailments that people face every day.  But it might surprise the reader that there have been other treatment forms which in fact preceded allopathic forms of treatment and which is still being in use currently.  Some of the off the beaten path treatment can be characterized by strong absence of any kind of side effects while at the same time ensuring quick recovery and recuperation.

With allopathic systems, often the cure can be far worse than the disease itself as things like chemotherapy have demonstrated amply. Listed out in detail are some of the more popular alternative treatment forms that can rival allopathic systems.


This is a very traditional forms of treatment found in India and have been flourishing for thousands of years.  Ayurveda focuses on bringing balance among elements that constitute the body most of the time. Traditionally the system is studied in the traditional gurukul system of instruction and presently due to the heavy demand for a treatment form which can match allopathic types, efforts are on to simplify and make it more of an instruction based training.

Of particular note is the system of ayurvedic massages which tends to stimulate the internal as well as the external organs from the outside.  Contrary to popular belief, massages can penetrate deeply inside the body to render some of the most effective curative features of the system.  But it is not right to consider the massages as simple and easy to do. In fact, unless done by a trained and knowledgeable hand, the massage can go very wrong in its use as well.

Another commonly found system of treatment is the ayurvedic enemas.  This is a good method to remove toxins from the body. But there are some preparatory steps that lead to the enema and it should not be attempted without taking due consideration to these conditions.

allopathic treatment

Chiropractic treatments

This treatment form primarily deals with the issues with the spinal cord most of the time. In a way it is the adjustment of the spinal cord to make it properly aligned to the body shape most of the time. It involves the shifting of the bones and should be attempted only by someone trained in the treatment form.

Although altering the structure of the back bone is not something people tend to look forward to, the chiropractor is someone that people trust their back problems to be completed in full.


It is not that there is no more of alternative treatments forms. Each major culture traditional has some practices which can be termed as alternative. Although it must be noted that the approaches to disease and its removal differs in each of the given forms of treatment and it is for the patient to realize the full extent of recover being sought and to tune into a treatment form that is fully encompassing in nature. Where allopathic methods have its limitations; nature has brought in systems that can rival its use anywhere.

Miracles of Healing for Healthy and Long Life

Miracles of Healing for Healthy and Long Life


Healing from diseases and disorders could be a complex process unless you follow the right path of treatment and medication. Conventional methods of medicines may offer quicker-heal and recovery. But there are also risks of side effects. For example, the treatments and medications for lower back pain can result in nausea, constipation, and even addiction. Some of the stronger medications may also cause hallucinations. So, what is the way out? In this blog article, I have discussed a few methods of alternate treatments which you may find to be useful.

Ayurvedic Massage

Oil massage and medicated enema are the two basic methods of lower back pain healing processes. Organic sesame oil is one of the key ingredients for the massage. You may also add Neem oil, Indian gooseberry extract, Aloe Vera liquid, and coconut oil. You have to mix the oils in equal proportions and heat to lukewarm temperature. Then you can apply it over the affected parts in the lower back and get the massage done for your friend or spouse.

The massaging has to start from either side of the lower spine with both your hands. Apply the oil to both your palms. Start from the bottom and gradually move up. Press your hands firmly but gently. Focus only on the muscles on both sides of the spine. Repeat the procedure for the next 10 to 15 minutes. Do it once or twice a day for a week to get visible results.

Ayurvedic Enema

The procedure has to be performed by an experienced Ayurvedic expert, who has specialization in enema treatments. He will use a special Ayurvedic medicine for the enema. The treatment may be for 10 to 15 minutes. You may experience diarrhea like effects for one or two days. It is because of the elimination of toxic elements from your body. Your lower back pain may heal within the next two days. Make sure you contact your doctor and take his advice before taking up the treatments.

Chiropractic Treatments

I did try getting the Ayurvedic massage therapy once or twice and found it to be useful. I did not dare the enema method. I did find the chiropractic method to be more effective and long-lasting than the others.

Chiropractic is more about adjusting the spinal cord and the surrounding muscles and nerves. It has worked for me because it is a more direct method which affects the roots of pain. The chiropractor can detect the misalignment in the spine precisely. Then he applies the chiropractic oils and does the massage.

The massaging techniques seem to go much deeper into the muscles and bones than the other methods. The oils penetrate deep into the ligaments of the lumbar spine, thoracic spine, as well as the sacrum. Then it is possible to relax the complete set of muscles and ligaments. The effects are long-lasting and irreversible. The chiropractor can also give you post-treatment advice for changing your spine posture while sitting, standing and sleeping.